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Maison 1608 par Solisco

With her ambition and curious nature, Amélie immerses herself fully in anything she takes on. With us in the agency’s early days, she is now back to inject even more creativity and ingenuity. Amélie is deeply interested in finding strategies that cleverly unite the power of paper and digital trends.


Amélie Côte

Executive Director

No one can resist Marie-Andrée’s enthusiasm! Her infectious smile and calm demeanour, which she maintains even when the production schedule is in full swing, are appreciated by her team and contribute greatly to our clients’ satisfaction. She manages every project with a keen eye and in an organized manner, while keeping in good spirits. Even with the most complex undertakings, she never misses a beat!


Marie-Andrée Parent

Business development director

Nothing escapes Jennifer’s eagle eye! This former graphic designer possesses a unique sense of rigour and a great capacity to synthesize information, which allows her to manage publishing projects masterfully. She’s always attentive and she uses her gift of empathy to resolve any issues. A big heart and a good head on her shoulders, that’s our Jen!


Jennifer Campbell

Project manager

Kathleen has been a member of our team almost from the start, and she’s our go-to person for production. Her wealth of experience in printing and signage is only matched by her sense of organization and her attention for detail. Kath is generous and always prepared to put her shoulder to the wheel to see a project through to our client’s complete satisfaction


Kathleen Forcier

Production Director

Anne-Laurence is curious by nature and keen to innovate! With her own blend of discipline and empathy, she manages every project with a human touch, while striving to deliver the best work she and her team can produce. Anne-Laurence listens intently to clients’ requests and keeps her eyes wide open to discover the latest trends!


Anne-Laurence Jean

Content advisor

Bubbling with creativity, Julie knows just how to pinpoint the essence of a brand. She has all the skills of a seasoned artistic director, striking a balance between her talent for fanciful designs and her ability to thoroughly analyze clients’ needs to create the perfect image. Julie is full of surprises and never short of ideas or solutions!

Julie Boulanger

Artistic Director

Laura is our go-to resource for magazine printing and design! She has all the qualities of an exceptional graphic designer: efficient and creative, she knows when to give free rein to her artistic flair and when to shift into second gear. And as if that wasn’t enough, Laura is also the warmest and most engaging person.

Laura Doherty

Graphic Designer

Because every yang needs its yin, Gabrielle brings a quiet, gentle strength to our team. Behind her calm appearance lies a creativity that knows no bounds and a great mastery of illustration, calligraphy and design. Curious and organized, she works methodically and expresses her wild side with DIY creations that amaze her colleagues!

Gabrielle Gagnon

Graphic Designer

Peppy and fun, Laurianne infuses her enthusiasm into all her projects. As precise as you would expect, she can locate that needle in a haystack in a snap, with a smile to boot. With a solid track record producing print and digital visual matter, this design (and animal) lover is always ready for whatever challenge comes her way!

Laurianne Leduc

Graphic Designer

An unobtrusive observer, Noémie is mindful of every last detail. Given her meticulousness and exactness, we know that all her projects will be carefully tracked. The smiling and curious Noémie dives willingly into Maison’s great adventures with professionalism and cheerfulness.

Noémie Mercure

Graphic Designer