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Maison 1608 par Solisco

Nothing is out of reach for our graphic team. Whether we're developing a new visual identity or adapting communication tools with an existing signature, we know how to design striking work boasting an elegant image. Signage, packaging, promotional items, marketing collaterals and stationery...

We charm through quality content, intelligent words and innovative design. From the easiest brief to the whole rebranding, we have the knowledge, the talent and the creativity needed to give life to the strongest and most intelligible images.

We have refined the art of shaping new brands or repositioning existing ones. Our creative process is based on research and fueled by curiosity, open-mindedness and rigor. Guided by attention to aesthetics, we invent strong identities and keep chiselling at it until we arrive at the version that represents the purest form of the brand's spirit.

The creation of a brand image needs to come hand in hand with a solid strategy, and we're in a position to help elaborate a process to best showcase your identity. Our approach is both creative and realistic, because the point is not to reach everyone, it's to find those who will understand and adopt your brand.

Our passion? Creating impressive editorial content, custom books and magazines that, through pitch-perfect tone, relevant content and elegant page layout, fosters customer loyalty to the brand. From design to distribution, through printing, our turnkey solutions handle the entire process.

Every publishing project we create is unique, and that's where our made-to-measure approach comes into its own. We draft the business plan, establish a distribution program, develop a media kit, enlist our representatives to handle ad sales, and define editorial content according to a set strategy and goals. Everything is possible!

At Maison 1608, a brand image is worth triple account
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