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We’re passionate about creating outstanding customized editorial content, for print and the Web. Our process covers it all, from design to cross-platform distribution. Each project we create is completely unique—the very definition of custom-made.

From magazines and books to newsletters and social media posts, content creation is our superpower. We also build content marketing strategies, set up distribution channels and determine topics in light of the goals you want to reach. Every step we take at Maison 1608 is intended to make your brand seen.

Magazine and brand publishing (magazines, bookazines, catalogues)

Our primary mission is to transform your brand into a lifestyle through brand publishing. Since 2008, our expertise and creativity have been at the very heart of our publishing services, which include:

· Idea generation, redaction and content management
· Business model implementation
· Artistic direction
· Layout
· Photography and styling
· Illustration

Copywriting, translation and revision

Given the focus on content creation and storytelling, Maison 1608 seeks out the best writers, editors and translators to help us meet your writing needs with the utmost creativity and professionalism.

Content marketing

When it comes time to help our clients develop a content marketing strategy, we follow the guideposts of creativity, connectivity and coherence. Make your brand stand above the rest with an editorial approach that will attract your target clientele without fail.


By helping people find you and providing brand visibility and recognition, a blog can bring enormous added value to your brand—as long as it showcases the right content. Luckily, Maison 1608 is an expert in creating value-added content that enhances users’ experience.

360 multi-platform content strategy

We know how important it is to have a strategy that is perfectly in synch with your business goals so you can make the most of your customer touchpoints. At Maison 1608, we do just that by developing an effective mix of print and digital communications.


At Maison 1608, we rely on our ingenuity and appreciation for beauty to create high-quality designs. There’s nothing our creative studio can’t do! It leaves its magical graphic touch on every one of its creations.

Our graphic design team knows exactly how to fashion innovative, impactful, effective and elegant designs for everything from supplementing digital or print content to developing a new visual identity, adapting communication tools with a current signature or developing a new one. We’ll get your brand’s story across in just one glance!


We have painstakingly developed the art of sculpting new brands and repositioning existing brands. With a close eye on aesthetics, we create strong identities with a range of applications that reflect the brand’s true essence:

· Analysis and understanding of the brand, the target audience and the market
· Positioning
· Marketing strategy and goals
· Company DNA and culture (mission, vision, values)
· Brand name research
· Design of logo and visual identity (product and services)
· Definition of the brand’s character (emotion, language, slogan, etc.)
· Creation of graphic guidelines (colour palette, typography, photographic style, graphic standards)
· Implementation of brand image

Graphic design

Whether you need a new visual identity or to modify your communication tools using an existing signature, we are extremely skilled at fashioning impactful and elegant designs. There’s nothing our creative studio can’t do!

Packaging and ecodesign

Specialists in ecodesign and in cardboard packaging, we provide custom-designed and printed cardboard sleeves and cases that express your brand personality in a distinctive and environmentally friendly way.

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Custom stationery

Maison 1608 instills its deep love of paper into designing your business’s custom stationery (business cards, folders, envelopes, etc.) so we can present you and your customers with a unique and elegant branding tool.


Maison 1608 brings your design project to life through our top-quality signs, produced from A to Z. We master the art of signage and visuals for both residential and commercial sectors:

· 3D cutting
· Vinyl sticker cutting
· Flags
· Hanging signs
· Wall signs
· Illuminated signs
· Parking signs

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A love of paper

Our long-standing partnership with Solisco, one of Canada’s biggest printers, means we can help you get your ideas down on paper. Literally.

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