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The Services

We're a creative marketing & communications firm with a focus on brand strategy and content creation. We specialize in transforming your brand into a way of life.

Inspired by top international practices, our approach is made to measure. With a deft touch befitting a Savile Row tailor, we craft corporate identities, cross-platform content, and high-end magazines that showcase your brand's personality and take it to a whole new level. In short, we tell a story that people care about.

We take great pleasure in our work, while ensuring our creations are of the highest quality, are delivered on budget, and are exactly what the client ordered.



We take a creative, realistic approach, setting clear marketing goals and defining target audiences, then-since we know consumers and what makes them tick-advising our clients on how best to appeal to their clientele.

Bespoke publishing

We create stellar editorial content, books, and magazines that strike just the right note and feature beautiful photos and elegant design to appeal to customers and establish a loyal following.

Each publishing project is one of a kind and this is where our made-to-measure approach really comes into its own. We come up with a business plan, publishing schedule, and media kit, then we start selling ads and clearly define editorial content that dovetails with your strategy and objectives. The process can be as turnkey as you like: we can take care of every step of production, from design all the way through to printing and distribution.

Content and cross-platform distribution

As specialists in branded editorial content, we're past masters at striking the right tone and finding the right mission for your digital content. Maison 1608 delivers optimized, consistent social-marketing copy that boosts your brand image and raises your profile. Publications, contests, e-newsletters, SEO articles, and a brand's digital presence are all at the heart of our creative process, and our team makes sure you have the right content in the right place at the right time.


Brand image

Since we're passionate about all things branding, we've developed the art of crafting new brands and repositioning existing ones. Our creative process is fuelled by curiosity, open-mindedness, and meticulous attention to detail. With an eye to esthetic appeal, we combine the best fonts, graphic design, and publishing practices to create strong corporate identities that reflect the spirit of the brand in its purest form.

Graphic design

Brand magazines, brochures, leaflets, stationery, websites, blogs, wayfinding, photos, brand content... Whatever the medium, we grab readers' attention using quality, thoughtful content and innovative design.

We also provide other advertising design and management services, and many of our clients task us with creating advertisements that fit with their brand image and various communications objectives. As always, we pay special attention to the little details, ensuring that each message packs a punch, each image is as elegant as possible, and each ad makes a strong impression.


The websites we produce are closely tied to our clients' brand image and content. We create sites that look great, are easy to navigate, and boost brand positioning-with copy that's always worth a read and set to pictures that speak volumes. 


Content marketing can help you...

  • Boost brand recognition
  • Convey your philosophy and values
  • Inform people about your services using interesting content
  • Enrich the client experience
  • Prolong the client experience to boost the post-sale decision
  • Develop and strengthen customer loyalty
  • Build new clientèles and partnerships