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Oberson, ski & snow tests 2019

Client: Oberson
Issue: 5
Quantity: 6,000 copies
Number of pages: 172

The magazine for Oberson stores is much more than just another magazine: it's a manual for outdoor buffs to live by on the mountain. It doesn't matter if you're on skis or a board-there are pro tips on the best gear, the best mountains to tackle, and how to dress for top performance and maximum chic. Plus, don't miss the ski and snow test results, a buyer's guide made for and put together by skiers and boarders.

Maison 1608 is proud to have produced this fourth magazine for Oberson stores. Taking care of everything from conception, copywriting, revision, coordination, art direction, pagesetting, and printing, Maison 1608 came up with original content based on photos provided by the client.