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We're a creative marketing & communications firm with a focus on brand strategy and content creation. We specialize in transforming your brand into a way of life.

Inspired by top international practices, our approach is made to measure. With a deft touch befitting a Savile Row tailor, we craft corporate identities, cross-platform content, and high-end magazines that showcase your brand's personality and take it to a whole new level. In short, we tell a story that people care about.

We take great pleasure in our work, while ensuring our creations are of the highest quality, are delivered on budget, and are exactly what the client ordered.

Maison 1608 is a hotbed of ideas, creativity, and ingenuity. Our impactful and beautifully crafted pieces contribute to the development and dynamism of Québec City and the province as a whole, while broadening the reach of our business partners.


Maison 1608's focus is on beauty, creativity, and making the right choices. We think it's important to push ourselves hard, and we enjoy surprising clients and consumers with quality work that goes above and beyond their expectations. At Maison 1608, know-how and people skills go hand in hand, and that goes for our relations with clients and colleagues alike. While elegance and sophistication are values we cherish and uphold, we never lose sight of the need for consistency, enjoyment, growth, and staying power.


Make sure it looks good. Make sure it is good. And make sure it's the right fit.


At Maison 1608, our clients benefit from our publishing expertise as well as a knack for strategy, creation, design, and copywriting. Plus, we provide added value with our ability to build an editorial line and consistent, creative design around a brand and through the relationships we develop with our clients.


The greatest brands are those that inspire through their philosophy and values. A brand stands out once it becomes part of a culture and inspires people to live better lives, to be better versions of themselves. We believe that a brand truly takes off once it gathers the courage to forge a creative design esthethic, one with an artistic persona that strikes a chord. Rather than tell consumers what to buy, we'd rather inspire them with content-and a container-that engages them naturally with the brand. Because, like the best products and strongest values, great brands drive us forward and inspire us to be better, too.


It all started in September 2007, on a flight from Los Angeles to Québec City via Toronto. On board, a series of notes scribbled down at a furious pace, the culmination of one woman's long and complex reflection. They marked not only the beginning of a change of career: they were a business plan.

After years spent publishing sports magazines in Québec, the rest of Canada, and the United States, Anne-Marie Boissonnault had come to realize two things: 1) bespoke magazines were big business in the United States, and 2) no one was publishing them in Québec. For as long as she could remember, Anne-Marie had been passionate about magazines, hot-button content, creative photography, and sophisticated page layout. So she decided to begin publishing brand magazines.

YQB Média opened for business on February 4, 2008. Even though the idea of becoming an entrepreneur had come to Anne-Marie at an altitude of 33,000 feet, she very much had both feet on the ground when she launched brand publisher YQB Média.

YQB Média built its reputation publishing brand magazines, but today its expertise extends to brand content strategy via print, digital, and social media platforms.

In 2016 Solisco, Canada's biggest independent printer, acquired YQB Média, which became Maison 1608 par Solisco. By pooling both companies' strengths and expertise, Solisco is now able to provide its clients with an even broader range of added-value services.

With the support of this exciting new partnership, Maison 1608 continues to forge ahead.